I apologize in advance.

Sunshine, 16.


But then suddenly something’s different. You feel the wind on the tips of your fingers, and the rain. Because before that you’re not really sure where you are but… but now you know. And you’re pushing through and then all this stuff at once. The moon and this incredible storm blowing. And the clock chiming midnight and you’re just standing there. N o b o d y else around.



okay so i was giffing the ‘ruff!’ scene from the rings of akhaten and i noticed how it was so cute that eleven’s face literally went from




in like 0.2 seconds omg i mean is this the cutest thing ever or what


sometimes i just think of how awful it would be to be locked in a giant wax museum for a whole night, except every wax figure is Nicolas Cage, and then one of them is the real Nicolas Cage but you don’t know which one. 

thoughts like this keep me up at night.